Perfume performing ‘Cling Cling’ on MUSIC JAPAN 2014/07/21



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Perfume in VoCE September 2014 edition

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Perfume performing ‘Hold Your Hand’ on MUSIC JAPAN 2014/07/21

There I am confused as to why the GIFset I made of Kyary and Perfume talking about their communication has now 1,500~ notes despite the fact that I looked a week or so ago and saw like 400 and I realized that the almighty Kyarychan had reblogged it. Which is quite embarrassing to be honest because it’s a horrible GIFset.

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Perfume in DISPLAY for Panasonic

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Making of Perfume’s ‘Cling Cling’ PV

Perfume live at METROCK 2014

Apparently this blog is a year old now (as of July 13th) so that’s awesome. 

Perfume ‘Hold Your Hand’ (Full Lyric Video)

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