Hello folks! We’re proud to announce that the song chosen by the majority to be sung at the end of the NYC show is Dream Land! Thank you to everyone who voted.

We’ll now be accepting submissions for flyer designs!

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Perfume “Cling Cling” interview @ Oricon Style (July 2014)


Perfume has released their 20th single “Cling Cling.” Alongside the faintly exotic atmosphere of its title track, “Hold Your Hand” overflows with warm emotions, “DISPLAY” has already become a hot topic for its 4K music video, and “Ijiwaru na Hello” brings to mind the figure of a cute and implike young girl. It’s a release that sparkles with Perfume’s multi-faceted charms. We sat down with the trio to discuss the new single.

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Perfume for Numero TOKYO September 2014

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Perfume for Numero TOKYO September 2014

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Now that the Cling Cling promo period is essentially over and we probably won’t hear or see anything from Gurungurun (other than setlists which I will try not to spoil for people) I don’t really have much to post…

I might make my way back into some older PVs or lives and make some cool GIFsets but it’s hard to find the motivation when it’s stuff I’ve already seen. Either way, I’ll try to keep as active as I can!

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Title: それを強さと呼びたい (I'd like to call it strength)

Artist: Porno Graffitti, Perfume, flumpool, BEGIN, Skoop On Somebody, Takahashi Yu, WEAVER, MIHIRO~マイロ~, MONOBRIGHT, Rihwa, HaKU, 藤原さくら, CROSS GENE

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yobabywhatup asked:
"have you ever seen perfume live?"
tokinohari replied:


Yes I was at WORLD TOUR 2nd in London last year. I was 1 person away from the front barrier so I got a great view, and I cried like a baby throughout the entire show. It was really such a great show but it was even more special for me because it was my first time seeing a group that I’d spent a good 2 years obsessing over, listening to every day and watching all day.

Hopefully you have and/or are going to see them live too!

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pekopekoo asked:
"Hi, sorry if this is a dumb thing to ask.. it's about the London concert... on Ticketmaster everything is sold out but the Eventim website still has tickets... I still haven't bought anything but.. how should I know if the seat that I chose is already sold to somebody else? it's seems kind of strange... (sorry for my english >-<)"
tokinohari replied:


I’m not quite sure if this is what you mean but Ticketmaster will have sold different tickets to Eventim. They won’t sell the same seat twice so you don’t have to worry about that. Same goes for Eventim. They won’t try to sell you a seat that has already been sold. You’ll be fine!

Hopefully this answers your question!

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Perfume’s message to Singaporean fans

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