The return of Ms. Nochilda on Perfume LOCKS! 20141013

Perfume 5th tour 2014 ‘Gurungurun’ WOWOW trailer

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Please send all donations via paypal to:

We are now accepting donations towards printing the flyers for the encore surprise! We will also be printing stickers to hand out for free to those we can in line as a bonus thank you gift! If funds exceed our target amount, we also plan to print a large banner and any other suggested extras. Donations will close on the 30th of October.

Thank you all! Every bit helps!

Title: Spending all my time (Radio Mix)

Artist: Perfume

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Title: Spending all my time (DV&LM remix)

Artist: Perfume

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Perfume:Artist to Watch of Japan

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Selling one L.A. Perfume ticket for $50 flat, and one New York Floor ticket for $60. Send me an ask if interested I really want to get rid of these.

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[!!!] Selling 3 Second Balcony PERFUME tickets for NY on Nov. 15 for $50 each!


Let me know if you’re interested but if not please spread the word!!! I really need to sell them!!!

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