Perfume JCD 2014.9.28

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Title: Spending All My Time - DV&LM Remix

Artist: Perfume

Played: 13792 times
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Title: Spending All My Time - Radio Mix

Artist: Perfume

Played: 11860 times
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Perfume 初対面カル~ベ です!


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Throwing some more information about the upcoming SAMT versions on Perfume’s reissue of LEVEL3:

Spending All My Time - Radio Mix (3:02)
Spending All My Time - DV&LM Remix (4:37)

Reminder that you can buy the Bonus Edition of LEVEL3 off CDJapan (if you should for whatever reason want to do this, since it’s supposed to be getting worldwide distribution).

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So I have this EXTRA TICKET to Perfume’s NY concert…


…and as I haven’t been able to find anyone who’s interested in going, I’m going to sell it! The ticket is First Balcony, Section 105, Row B, Seat 11. This is quite literally the furthest seat to the right of the balcony. However, it is the second balcony row, so things should be pretty good.

Here’s what I need from you:

+ $80. (People are selling much worse seats for $200-$300, so eighty bucks is a pretty good deal!)

+ Must be able to tolerate bad dancing, overenthusiastic limb-flailing, and spontaneous sobfests. (You’ll be sitting next to me, amigo. Prepare yourself.)

Please shoot me a message if you’re interested!

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The ‘Gurungurun’ tour is finiiished

Thank you so much to everyone who came to see us!!!

We’ll do our best on our World Tour too!


Media coverage of Perfume’s last Gurun Gurun live !

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We love Perfume / 9.21 / Major Debut Anniversary

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